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Network and modelling-based analysis revealed a regulatory core underlying E2F1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition in aggressive cancers

We constructed a map of the regulatory network around the E2F family, and using gene expression profiles, identify tumour type-specific regulatory cores and receptor expression signatures associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition.


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Exploiting miRNA target repression cooperativity to fight therapy resistance in cancer

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Lethal outcome in tumour metastasis is associated with the acquisition of resistance to therapy. We have explored to make use of miRNA target repression cooperativity to fight therapy resistance in cancer. To this end,  we integrated bioinformatics, structural and kinetic modelling, and experiments to investigate miRNA cooperative regulation of E2F1, a transcription factor overexpresed in melanoma and other aggressive tumors.

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A web platform for the network analysis of highthroughput data in melanoma

We have developed the Virtual Melanoma Cell, an online tool developed to facilitate the mining and interpretation of high-throughput data on melanoma by biomedical researches. The platform is based on a comprehensive, manually generated and expert-validated regulatory map composed of signaling pathways important in malignant melanoma. The Virtual Melanoma Cell is a tool designed to accept, visualize and analyze user-generated datasets. It is available at: